Jambo Pay : Deal or no Deal?


A leading software firm www.webtribe.co.ke based in Nairobi has come up with a payment gateway that just seems to revolutionalize the ecommerce industry in Kenya and its environs. It has developed an online payment system called Jambo pay. Just imagine shopping for your favorite shoe, I-phone, watch or bracelet and check-out with M-pesa,Yu-Cash or Zap via a jambopay account. Sounds sweet? huh

Those of us who have practiced an ecommerce transaction will agree with me that we’ve have had a fair share of frustrations from large switching gateways like paypal, Alert pay, Money Bookers and many others with poor customer support to even side stepping Kenya in their coverage area. Not only does Jambopay offer electronic switching of money but also it act as E-bank. With integration with M-Pesa, Yu-Cash and Zap, you can receive cash from anywhere around the world provided one has a jambo pay account instantly.
With the completion of its first phase of integration with ZAP, it is now live. So far it has proved to be cyberspace that’s its worth a second look but we have to wait and see how it will navigate in this competitive ecommerce world.
The first phase has been exhaustively been completed. If you are a website owner, you can use it actively with Zap with a surerity that you are putting a reputable payment gateway in your website. Since it has been locally developed, getting support is easier compared with other international gateways that will take 24-48 hours to respond to emails.
We will definitely keep you on the future developments of the product or any valuable product online.

You can see the live service in operationJambopay