Jambopay lifts E-commerce a Notch higher


E-commerce seems to be taking Kenya by storm.This has been facilitated by incumbent of innovative technology that is available both locally and internationally.It is evident that many entrepreneurs are actually seeing opportunity in Kenya and the entire East African region.The question that is in our mind is,why the East African region whereas there is a vast entire region in Africa? Judging by statistics and market trends happening in the market currently,it is evident that the East African market has a higher technology absorption rate than any other part of Africa.This has been brought about by the relatively literate population and also the development of products that best fits what the population. Mobile payment might not be popular in the developed countries but it has surely taken Kenya by storm.The mobile payment has proven beyond doubt that it is simple,reliable,fast and secure way of transferring money or trading. Many products have been developed around this technology but I would like to talk about one product that I found to be very interesting. Jambopay,a product of a software company called Webtribe seems to very well simplify online transaction and also providing a seamless end-to-end transactions from the websites shopping carts to the gateway in very few steps. Many companies have been pleased by this payment gateway and some are even using it such us Rupu, Yellow pages, Mzoori. Jambopay enables people to create web accounts,integrate them with their mobile phone phone accounts and also enable them to pay via VISA.IT has succesfully been integrated with M-pesa,Zap and Visa. This means that you can pay for that product that you so much need online at the comfort of your home,office without much hassles.You will only need to have a jambopay account and you can buy anything from s website that is intergrated with Jambopay. In terms of security, I feel that it is well tightened to ensure that you do not lose cash in the midst of transaction. However,no matter how much a payment gateway maybe good,I am always skeptical about support incase problems or errors.As for this I do not have much to complain since its a local product. Check it out at  Jambopay



  1. Hm. Despite of the initial trouble it seems to work alright. It’s made in Java, unlike Paypal or Moneybookers which are made in Perl. It asks for a 5% commission on transactions, which seems a bit expensive. It says on the header that it’s a micropayment service. So there must be transaction limits? Then again, if I wanted to make a bigger transaction, I wouldn’t like to pay 5%.

  2. I hope the current link now works,We will keep you informed on any advancements or introduction of new products.Thanks and your comments are highly appreciated


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