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Telegram adds 3D touch support and ability to take Instant photos for the iOS app

Telegram is one company that keeps on pushing new updates on its apps and their momentum is very commendable. The new features that they...
Instagram for Android 3D touch

Instagram for Android now has 3D touch functionality, sort of

3D touch is the relatively new tech that ships with the new generation of iPhones. It is a hardware based where it actually features...

Skype now has Video Message Filters and 3D Touch Support

Skype has been updating its user experience for a while now in a bid to make its users more engaged in the platform. They...

Pressure-Sensitive Touchscreens to Become More Mainstream Thanks to Synaptics’ Latest Touch Controllers

Apple opened a can of worms when it debuted an advanced implementation of the Force Touch feature found on its smartwatch, the Apple watch,...

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