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facebook messenger 1.2 billion users

Facebook Messenger Now Has The Same Number Of Active Users As WhatsApp

Facebook Messenger now has the same number of users as WhatsApp and double Instagram's

Instagram Has Surpassed the Half a Billion Active Users Mark

  Instagram has been a success in my book when it comes in being a social network. It grew from being an iOS app which...

Apparently Snapchat has surpassed Twitter in terms of daily active users

Twitter is a pretty popular app in its own right but it is facing heavy competition from younger platforms and Snapchat is one of...

Facebook has over 5 million active users in Kenya

Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest social networking site in Kenya due to the fact that it was launched relatively earlier than the rest and...
Whatsapp now has a billion users

The ratio of the number of groups to active users on WhatsApp is now 1:1

WhatsApp has had several milestone achievements in its 7 years of existence and it is thanks to its cross platform availability. You can say...