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Google Is Reported To Be Working On An Inbuilt Ad-Blocker For Chrome

Well this is a surprise from a company that is in the ad business. According to a report by the WSJ, sources claim that Google...

Opera is now 50% more efficient than Chrome thanks to its power saving mode

Opera is on a roll. The company which is famous for its desktop and mobile browsers announced a very cool mode on its developer...

New Chrome Extension Puts the Ad Blocker Debate to Rest

Apple started a storm with the recent release of the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 9. Of particular concern to many,...
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Ad Blocking Denies Techweez and its Kind $22 Billion in 2015

In April of this year, German newspapers took Ad Plus, the company responsible for ad block software,  which blocks advertisements on a user’s browser,...
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Ad Block Scores Victory Over German Publishers In Court

A court in Germany has ruled that users have the right to use the ad block plugin which blocks advertisements on a user's browser....