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Instagram Doubles Its Advertiser Base, Will Soon Let You Book Appointments With Businesses

Instagram is doing very well as an independent arm on the Facebook ecosystem. According to a report by Bloomberg, Instagram now has over a 1...

Facebook Registers A 33% Increase In The Number Of Advertisers In The Last 6 months

Facebook is proving to be an attractive platform for advertisers judging from this impressive growth of their advertiser base

Instagram Has More Than Doubled Its Advertiser Base in 6 Months

Instagram is proving to be catnip for advertisers as it has more than doubled its advertiser base in the last 6 months alone

Twitter Will Use Emojis to Serve Targeted Ads

We are living in an era where we are taking emojis rather seriously. They have transcended from their use in messaging apps to pop...

Facebook registered a 50% jump in number of advertisers in a year

Facebook's advertiser base is impressive. Last year on February, they announced that 2 million advertisers were active on their platform which is one healthy...

Instagram currently has more advertisers than Twitter

The biggest source of revenue for social networks is usually from sponsored content from advertisers and that is why for the past 5 years...

Forecast: Instagram Might Pull in $2.81 Billion in Ad Revenue by 2017

According to a forecast by  emarketer.com, Instagram will surpass Twitter and Google in US mobile ad revenue by 2017. Instagram is a popular social...