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Safaricom Reduces the Price for All-In-One Bundles

Safaricom has revealed that its All In One Bundle will now be cheaper. The product has been around for a long time now, and...
African Apps Market

Safaricom Introduces Free YouTube Access for Some ‘All In One Bundle’ Subscriptions

  Safaricom appears to have introduced free YouTube access for All In One Monthly Bundles. Capped at 5 GB (for the subscription session), users can...
African Apps Market

Safaricom’s All In One Monthly Bundles Versus Ordinary Monthly Bundles Versus Platinum: Which Plan to Go For

At the moment, there is no shortage of data plans from Kenya's mobile operators. All of them have their strong suits and setbacks, which...
Voice calling

Safaricom Announces All in One Monthly Bundles with Ample Voice and Data Resources

Kenya’s top telecoms operator Safaricom has not released a new data or voice product for some time now, and we are glad to announce...

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