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Mi-Fone Targets 6 Month Turnaround After Recent Funding

Mi-Fone, the African mobile device brand that has been in the news recently after a clash with Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi over trademark infringement...

Mi-Fone Moves to Stop Xiaomi’s Entry Into the African Market Citing Trademark Infringement

Mi-Fone, the “first African Mobile Devices brand“, has been operating on the African continent since 2008 when it was established. It’s products which range...
Mi-Fone Android

Buy a Mi-Fone Android phone and get a free second phone at Fuji Colorama

Mi-Fone is now available in yet another new retail chain, Fuji Colorama. Fuji Colorama is a photography retail chain with 12 stores distributed in...
Mi-Fone Mi-3000

Mi-Fone: We are genuine, let the CCK Counterfeits switch off go on

September 30th is nearing, and Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) has a directive that all counterfeit devices running on Kenya's networks be switched off. Many...
Mi-FONE Mi-3000

Mi-Fone’s Mi 3000 is Africa’s first feature phone with a 60 day battery

Mi-Fone under the stewardship of CEO Alpesh Patel has been taking over the entry level feature phone and smartphone market in Africa. It's one...

Mi-fone, the mass market brand for Africa

Africa is a growth market in mobile. There is so much potential, so many gaps to be filled. This is due to the fact...