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Airtel New Amazing Data Bundles Offer Almost Double Data for The Same Price

The Internet is part of our lives now and thankfully you can get data bundle prices at any price point. Competition has made it...

What You Can do With Airtel’s Amazing Data Bundles

Airtel's Amazing Data Bundles pack more value so that subscribers don’t have to pay more to connect with their friends and family or browse the internet.

Airtel Kenya Revises Amazing Data Plan with More Units and Free WhatsApp

The Finance Act 2018 is already in place. The law forced mobile operators to revise upwards their charges for calls, SMS and data services,...

Airtel Kenya’s New Amazing Data Bundles Are Music to Our Ears

Airtel Kenya is already known for having affordable data bundles, especially with their Unliminet package. The company even made a play at voice calls...