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Android N Test Firmware for the Huawei P9 Leaks – Here’s How You Can Get it

By now, it is safe to assume that we all know that Google will soon officially release Android Nougat on its Nexus smartphones and...
Android Nougat

Android N Finally Gets a Name: Nougat

Gutted it's not Nutella.

Google Trolls Everyone With Android Namey McNameface

Not long ago, Britain's Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) sought to engage the British public online to decide a name for its new polar research...
Twitter for Android quick DM reply

Twitter is Testing an Android N Feature in an Alpha Release for Replying to DMs Quickly

Google released a preview of the next version of Android, Android N and they showcased several cool features that would be bundled in this...

Google I/O 2016: All the Exciting Stuff Announced at the Keynote

So Google I/O 2016 happened last evening (East African time) and as expected, there was the usual basket full of goodies from El-Goog. In...

Android N to Deeply Integrate Virtual Reality App Functionality

Android N, which we have heard may end up being Android 7.0 in its final form, will be the first version of the mobile...

Samsung Multi-window SDK Release Notes to Developers Spill the Beans: Android N is Android 7.0

The world got its first glimpse at the future of Android, early last month, with the release of the Android N Preview to developers...

Split Screen Multi-tasking Aside, Android N May Get Actual Windows

We now know that Google is finally bringing multi-window on Android when Android N is finally released later in the year. While it is...

Android N Known Internally at Google as New York Cheesecake

Google is not straying from its well-established tradition of naming versions of its mobile operating system, Android, after various treats/desserts. It has emerged that...

Multi-window, Bundled Notifications and More Features Arrive in Android N Preview

Last evening, Google surprised us all with an impromptu announcement of the start of the preview phase of a new version of Android. The...

Details of Features of the Next Android Version After Marshmallow Start Trickling In

It is that time of the year when rumours, speculations and counter-speculations about what will be and won't be in the next version of...

Will 2016 be the Year We See the Android App Drawer Die?

The app drawer is one often overlooked but incredibly important part of the smartphone. Android smartphones to be particular. It is usually the gateway...

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