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Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 Cameras

Budget Phones with 4000mAh Batteries That Have Crazy Battery Life

I can go ahead and say it. 4000mAH batteries should be minimum for all Android phones. Smartphones are usually one of the few tech products...

3 Features on the New iPhones That Apple ‘Forgot’ to Mention in the Keynote

Apple forgot to 'mention' this features yet they are important
Samsung Galaxy S II Extended Battery

Bad Battery Life on Smartphones May Be a Thing of the Past With Samsung’s New Discovery

Samsung has made several strides towards making your smartphone usage much more comfortable. You know, it sucks being a wall hugger. As much as...

Taking care of your laptop battery to last longer

I have heard lots of people complain about their laptop batteries. You also must have heard people complain how their laptop batteries can not...
Back UPS RS 650

APC Provides High-Performance Protection for Multiple Business Desktop Computers

Today’s business desktops are highly configured with several peripherals and higher power and runtime requirements. Users are looking for cost-effective, reliable solutions for protecting...

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