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BBM for Android and iOS Roll Out Halted Due to Leak

Blackberry's most popular app, Blackberry Messenger was expected to be available on the Google Play Store (Android) yesterday 21st September at 3pm East African...

BBM Coming to Android This Friday

It has been clear for a while now that Samsung actually entered into an exclusive agreement with Blackberry, formerly Research In Motion (RIM), to...
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Samsung teasing BBM for Android in Africa

BBM is coming to Android, that most of us know, only that there is no set date when this would happen. Samsung has started...
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BBM finally heads out to Android and iOS

From some time this June-July you will no-longer associate the logo below with Blackberry only, it will be open to two more OSes. Android...
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Blackberry suffers service disruption in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Blackberry sells mainly for RIM's prowess in handling email, Blackberry messenger and social. These make the device quite suitable for use as an extension...

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