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Kenya Blockchain Taskforce Findings Rally for Use Cases in Poll Transparency

There has been an overwhelming amount of media attention and talk surrounding blockchain over the past years. It has been rallied as a solution...
Windows 8 Launch Nairobi

Fluid defines the Office and lifestyle experience with Windows 8 Kenya launch

Windows 8 officially landed in Nairobi, with a promise to take the user experience through the roof. The way you used to do things...
Nzioka Waita Safaricom

Safaricom’s Nzioka Waita’s comments regarding user questions on Counterfeits

Based on questions going on about the internet and offline, I sought to iron out some misinformation that mobile phone users may be having...
AITEC Africa

AITEC Africa to celebrate 25 years as Africa’s largest ICT Summit

AITEC East Africa ICT Summit is coming to Nairobi Kenya from dates 24th to 25th of October this year. This chapter will be special in...