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Trace TV Acquires Buni.tv From the Makers of XYZ Show

The video on demand space has been rapidly expanding in the African continent. Earlier this year, we saw the entry of Netflix into the...
Buni Tv Android App

Samsung partners with Buni tv in content delivery, we got the Exclusive hands-on

Samsung earlier today announced the partnership with Buni Tv to deliver local content over mobile and tv. This will be via an Android app...
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African Video on demand site Buni TV reaches 1 Million views

Buni tv, a video-on-demand on-line portal went live some 9 months ago and has some great news they are announcing. They have made the...
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Buni TV web portal doing good at 200k unique visits

6 months since launch, Buni Tv has something to celebrate, the site, a video streaming platform has seen 200,000 unique viewers with around 700,000...