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5 Ways to Market Your New Small Business Website Online

Five most effective and affordable marketing channels to market your small business website online.
faiba new fiber bundle pricing for home business

JTL Revises Up Faiba Business Plans Prices, Home Plans Remain The Same

The Finance Act of 2018 brought about sweeping changes to how some products and services were taxed and this includes Internet services. Fiber services are...
Digitize business

Second-Level Tech for Stage 2 of Your Growing Business

Getting your business off and running is always exciting. You have to overcome a lot to get a business started. So many good business...
Digitize business

Why It’s Important for Business to Digitize

Has your business gone digital? If not then it really can’t afford to stick to its traditional methods, especially in today’s competitive modern age....
whatsapp business tools
sme business

Could the Modernization of SMEs Improve Kenya’s Ease of Doing Business Ranking Even Further?

I start with the quote by Paul Krugman, in the age of diminishing expectations: “Productivity isn’t everything, but in the long run it is...

Instagram Has More Than Doubled Its Advertiser Base in 6 Months

Instagram is proving to be catnip for advertisers as it has more than doubled its advertiser base in the last 6 months alone

Think Small…

Take a moment and think back in time. A time when you were starting your business. A time you were talking with your co-founders about the...

5 Metrics to Track When Starting Your Business

When starting your business, there are various metrics you need to consider in order to track and measure your progress. Here are the...
Startup idea

Kenya Startup Ecosystem: What Is The Next Frontier?

The starting point of this article is June 2011 and over the months it is becoming extremely clear to me that this will be...

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