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huawei y7p

Huawei Y7p Camera Review: 48MP On a Budget

The Huawei Y7p is Huawei's latest budget smartphone and it is their first sub-Kshs 20,000 smartphone with a 48MP main camera. We first saw 48MP...

Google Pixel’s Camera App Can Now be Installed on Other Android Devices

Photography lovers will appreciate the camera prowess of the Google Pixel and it serves as good news now that the same camera app and...

Smartphones Are Generally Terrible At Concerts But There Are Hacks Around This

Before the smartphone age, people bought tickets to concerts, met their friends and came back later with memories that were firmly engrained in their...

WhatsApp Is Now Rolling Out The New Snapchat-like Camera Interface

WhatsApp is now rolling out their new camera interface which looks like the one we have been using on Snapchat

Telegram adds 3D touch support and ability to take Instant photos for the iOS app

Telegram is one company that keeps on pushing new updates on its apps and their momentum is very commendable. The new features that they...

Facebook is reportedly developing a stand alone camera app

In the beginning, Facebook was way simpler than it is right now where it was focused in making sure that people generate content and...

Sony expects you to carry a lens in your pocket

Leaked photos of what could be the next camera phone from Sony show an attention-grabbing set up. The user has to carry a different...