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condom emoji

Durex is petitioning the addition of a condom emoji

The emoji train is not slowing down. They are present in the virtual keyboards we use in our smartphones, embedded as default in various...
Chelsea's mom

Stacy’s Mom Song Parodied for Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign

Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign has been heavily leveraging on social media to convince more voters to rally behind her for the top seat in...
Chevy Goes Emoji

Chevrolet Breaks the Internet by Releasing an All-emoji Press Release

I hope this doesn't catch on but Chevrolet has released a press statement entirely in emoji. Emojis are easy to understand when they are...
Tell-em PR

Tell-Em Public Relations Wins PR Campaign of the Year

Tell-Em Public Relations won the prestigious award of PR Campaign of the Year in this year’s Public Relation’s Society of Kenya (PRSK) awards for...