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Google Takes on Businesses and Corporates with Chrome Enterprise

Google launched Chrome OS a couple of years ago and the operating system, which has since been embraced by multiple OEMS including Samsung, Acer...

Google Pulling the Plug on Chrome App Launcher

Google will in the coming weeks start pulling the Chrome app launcher on Windows, Mac and Linux. Chrome app launcher debuted on the desktop...

Neverware’s CloudReady Turns Just About Any PC Into a Chromebook

Chrome OS, an operating system based on Linux and centred around Google’s Chrome browser, has been around since the year 2009. It is available...

Google to Make Android Front and Centre of its Operating System Approach, Chrome OS Be Damned

Google is tipped to make Android, currently its mobile operating system, its go-to platform for an upcoming line of personal computers. Personal computers by...

Lenovo ThinkPad x131e Chromebook now Available to Schools

Lenovo ThinkPad X131e Chromebook is one tough notebook and it is bringing Chrome OS to schools. This device has a rubber bumper around the...

Google is baking Chrome OS Into Windows 8

There has been a raft of changes that Google has been making to Chrome of late. Some of those include a brand new app...