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Africa Data Centres Tier III Certification Has Been Extended

Africa Data Centres, which claims to the continent’s largest network of an interconnected, carrier - and cloud-neutral data centre facilities, has had its Tier...

The Future of Windows Server GUI and Powershell

Man, say “no more GUI on Windows Server” in a crowded room of IT professionals, and you’d better be standing near the door. Nothing...

Virtualisation: Optimised power and cooling to maximise benefits

Virtualisation is an undisputed leap forward in data centre evolution – it saves energy, increases computing throughput, frees up floor space and facilitates load...

Cloud based data backup recovery best practice 1

Hoping you have done your homework in interest to my previous article on cloud based data backup recovery.  Which process can you use to...
Social media research

How Social Networking is affecting storage

The past few years have seen a huge increase in the use of social networking technologies, from Facebook and Twitter to blogs and wikis....

Data centres: go dense, go green and go fast

Until recently, energy was a no-brainer. That is, it was perceived as unlimited and was relatively inexpensive, resulting in no need for technological breakthrough....

How can i cut my Data center costs by 15%

you are in medium to large scale business that involves huge and expensive power and cooling solutions you must have come across the need...