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Digital Migration in Kenya, One Year Later

The digital migration debate was one of the most contentious issues in Kenya in 2015. So tough was the matter that the three main...
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Gotv is the Most Popular Decoder as Set Top Box Ownership at 71% of TV owners

June 2015 marked the global deadline for the migration of television signals from analogue platforms to digital. The deadline was set by the by ITU...
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Facts, Hits And Misses Of Kenya Digital Migration As Global Deadline Arrives

Today,17th June,2015 is the global deadline for digital migration .All analogue signals expected to be switched off world wide at 2359hrs. The deadline was...

ADN Set Top Boxes, What Are Their Options In The Market?

Kenya's digital migration has not been a smooth sailing pitting the regulator Communication Authority of Kenya and three major media houses. At the...
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Bamba TV Channels; What’s There, What’s Missing

Bamba TV launched late last year as another option for Free To Air Digital TV Set-Top Box, few days before the commence of digital...