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Kenya’s EduOnline E-Leaning Platform Wants to Be Accessible to All

Online classes became even more commonplace in 2020 following the pandemic's start. Many schools in Kenya, and across the world, have some form, or...

Kenya Govt Turns to E-Learning for Public Schools in New 15 Billion Project

Schools have been closed for six months following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over that period, there hasn’t been much guidance from the education...

Oxynoia Consulting powering e-Learning one Organization at a Time

  The changing landscape of the global economy has inadvertently changed the traditional business organization. Now more than ever, business organizations are inter networked and...
Samsung Smart Schools

Teching Care of Business: 5 Industries Impacted Most by Technology

Technology is such a prominent part of our everyday lives that it's easy to forget how much it can change the way we conduct...

Intel Education Acquires E-Learning Platform, Kno

Kno started out as a hardware business, developing tablets for educational use. But the company made a strategic decision to drop from the hardware...

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