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Kenyans Have Gone Kuku About “Vifaranga Vya Kompyuta”, Here’s Why

During a press conference on Wednesday 16 August, Presidential candidate of Kenya, Raila Odinga made a statement that would take Kenyans on social media...
electionske Twitter hashflag

Twitter Grants Dedicated Hashflags for the Kenyan Elections

Kenya has a dedicated Twitter hashflag people!

CA Has Spent Kshs 600 million On A Social Media Monitoring System For The Election – Report

According to a report, the Communications Authority of Kenya has spent Kshs 600 million on a social media monitoring system
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Kenya’s ICT Community Submits Memorandum to Senate on Use of Technology in Elections

Kenya has in recent weeks witnessed a sharp debate on matters election as different sides of the political divide make a case for the...
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Reports suggest that some social media platforms have been blocked in Uganda

Uganda has been having election fever since last year and its citizens have shown their interest towards the election on social media. Social networks...
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Video: Kenyan President and his deputy light moments during campaign ads shoot

Just landed on this video uploaded like an hour ago showing the light moments as Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto...

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