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This Movie Search Engine Can Tell What Movie You’re Looking For Using a Line From the Movie

You can say it is the Shazam of video. whatismymovie.com describes itself as the "first descriptive movie search engine". Have you ever tried recalling that...
Jolla Phone

Small victories; Jolla Phone outsells iPhones in Home Country Finland

Not your average hero news, because in the smartphone world you make news if you hit it big in markets like the US, China...

Nokia steals back much needed mobile phones lead in Home country Finland

It's not always easy to take a beating in your hometown, ask Blackberry. Nokia's been there but now they seem to be back on...
Nokia Headquarters Espoo

Nokia sale of headquarters is really nothing to worry about

There has been talk for a while about a planned sale of the building that houses Nokia global Headquarters in Espoo, Finland. Well That...