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Telcom Car Handover Weekly

Telkom Kenya Intensifies #FormNi50 Campaign with Half a Dozen Toyota Beltas to Go

We have to admit that Kenya's third largest operator aka Telkom Kenya is striving to win its glory back by revolutionizing its business and...
Toyota Belta, Telkom Kenya

Telkom Kenya’s #FormNi50 Toyota Belta Winners to Boost their Businesses with Their Prize

Telkom Kenya has, for the most part, been striving to increase its mobile subscriptions. The number of products, promotions, and campaigns under its sleeve...
Telkom Kenya Plaza

Telkom Kenya #FormNi50 Promotion Ending Soon as it Targets 4 Million Subscribers

Telkom Kenya has been on a journey to grow its customer base with a variety of products that are curated to fit into the...
Telkom FomNi50 Winner

Telkom Kenya’s #FormNi50 Lives On as Nairobi-based Winners Target Ride Sharing Services

Telkom Kenya is pushing its #FormNi50 campaign that was launched more than one month ago. The promotion was launched to highlight the telco’s key...
Toyota Belta, Telkom Kenya

Telkom Kenya’s Formni50 Winner to Tap into the Popularity of E-Taxi Services

Telkom Kenya is on the road to ensure it nets more than 4 million active subscribers as it advances its services to appeal to...

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