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Samsung’s Budget Smartphones, Galaxy J1 Mini and Galaxy J3 (2016), Start Selling in Kenya

The Galaxy J1 mini and the 2016 edition of the Galaxy J3 are the latest budget Samsung smartphones in the Kenyan market. The two...

Samsung Brings S Bike Mode to More Galaxy J Devices

Samsung's Galaxy J3 (2016 edition) launched with a unique feature never before seen on any other device: S Bike Mode. The feature, when turned...

Samsung to Introduce Budget Galaxy J3 Smartphone Into the Kenyan Market

The budget smartphone category in Kenya is set to heat up this year. Lots of industry players are keen to tap the growing number...

Unannounced Samsung Galaxy J3 Appears in Benchmarks

Samsung is expected to increase the number of members of the budget Galaxy J series of smartphones with the release of the Galaxy J3...

Samsung readying Galaxy J5 and J7, already seeking approval in China

Samsung's Galaxy J1 has been in the market for a while. In Kenya, it is one of the very first LTE-ready low cost smartphones...