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Galaxy S 3 Lite

Ten Mobile Devices Retailers Should Not Be Stocking At This Moment

Sometimes we use terms like "phone years" to draw the line between the normal calendar everyone follows and the life cycle of mobile devices....
Galaxy mega 2

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Already On Sale Before Launch

Samsung's Galaxy Mega gets a sequel this quarter. That's slightly over a year since the previous Galaxy Mega was launched in 5.8 inch and...

Samsung Galaxy Mega Plus sees light of day in China

When Samsung released the giant Galaxy Mega phablets (5.8 and 6.3) back in April last year we were all curious as to what the...

Android 4.4 Coming To All Major 2013 Samsung Galaxy Devices

We recently brought you news that Samsung is on course to release the Android 4.3 update for its devices including the Galaxy Megas (5.8...

Purple Galaxy Mega 6.3 Launched In Hong Kong

In what we have come to expect from Samsung, another colour option is now available for the big phablet, the 6.3 inch Galaxy Mega....
Samsung Galaxy Mega

And the jokes about Galaxy Mega commence

Samsung's Galaxy Mega was announced yesterday, in two versions, the 5.8 inch and the 6.3 inch ones. And they were bound to cause ripples....