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Samsung Magazine UI

Samsung Magazine UI to come to 2013 flagships Note 2 and Galaxy S3

It's an open secret that Samsung is working to overhaul the TouchWiz UI that comes with it's Galaxy devices. Starting with the CES tablet...
Galaxy S 3 Android 4.2.2

Samsung’s Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S 3 to get Android 4.2.2 in Q3

Owners of previous flagship device from Samsung have been waiting for when the awesome features in the Galaxy S 4 will trickle down to...
Samsung Apple court case

Apple court victory helped Galaxy S 3 outsell iPhone 4S in the US

Apple victory against Samsung in the recent Patent court case could just have been a blessing in disguise for Samsung in the short term,...
Custom Galaxy S III canada

Samsung Canada sends loyal user a custom made Galaxy S III

A Samsung fan in Canada tried to convince Samsung Canada that since he owned a Samsung Tv, a Samsung Galaxy S  phone and a...
Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung has passed the 6.5 million mark with the Galaxy S III

As expected, Samsung is outdoing itself again with it's new hot cake, Samsung Galaxy S III. Analysis firm JPMorgan is reported to indicate that Samsung has...
Samsung galaxy S 3

Samsung Galaxy S III (GT 19300) Now available at Safaricom shops

Millions have been waiting for the ''Smartphone of 2012'' since it was just a mere rumor. Well, it launched last month in London, and...

28 countries getting Samsung Galaxy S III in the shops today

This should have just happened on the 28th instead, or they add another country for first availability. But hey! Who is complaining? 28 countries...
Samsung Galaxy S II Extended Battery

What smartphone accessories do you use?

Most mobile phones are sufficient out of the box, and many mobile phone users do not find the urge to buy accessories. There are...
Galaxy S III TV Commercial

Samsung Galaxy S III TV commercial [plus a Beckham Teaser]

Samsung galaxy S III, launched on the 3rd of this month, will be in the hands of consumers before the month ends, precisely the...
The Next Galaxy

Samsung teases about The Next Galaxy with anagram, video [UPDATED]

Late last evening as I was watching the twitter timeline and engaging once in a while I came across this tweet from the official Samsung...

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