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Social Networks Face Huge Fines In Germany If They Fail To Remove Hateful Content

Social networking companies have grappled with the fact that some users use their networks to spread hateful content. This is not good for them...
less than 10% of Facebook users are from Africa

Kenya Should Get The Fake News Filter For The Elections Just Like Germany

They should roll out this feature to countries like Kenya soon
heinz porn

Expired QR Code Linking to a Porn Site Embarrasses Heinz

A guy from Germany got a rude shock when he scanned the QR of a Heinz Ketchup bottle, only to find out that the...

Samsung to launch Galaxy Note Edge in Germany but there’s a catch

Remember the Galaxy Round? It was one of those crazy ideas that finally made it to the production floor and the end result was...

How to escape the NSA’s radar: forget computers, use typewriters

So you're so pissed off by the National Security Agency (NSA)'s large scale surveillance program widely known as PRISM? What do you do besides...
Brazil plastic cup

12 Images That Capture The Story Of Brazil World Cup Thrashing By Germany

Brazil's was a record breaking beating at the semi-finals of the 2014 World Cup by Germany. No-one saw that coming, and more people were...
Lumia 925 glace screen

Nokia start selling Lumia 925 and intros double tap to unlock

Nokia has announced that their latest flagship device of Windows phone origin will start selling today. Germany is the place the sales begin. The...