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Motion Stills

You can Create and Share GIFs on Android with Google’s Motion Stills App

Apple’s iOS platform has enjoyed the services of a GIFs-maker app, Motion Stills for a year or so. The app, which is developed by...

Twitter Gives Android Users Another Way To Add GIFs Via The Keyboard

The newest version of Android that we have currently is 7.1 Nougat and it added support for sending GIFs directly from the keyboard. It...

Telegram Messenger now has “Instantenous” bots and loads GIFs 20 times faster

GIFs have now become inherent in the world wide web for the past2 decades and have been recently been incorporated  in the new age...
Instagam Boomerang

Instagram’s Boomerang Will have you doing GIFs a Strange new way

Instagram started as a social network that let people share photos with filters and this made the whole culture of editing photos by adding...

Facebook now allows users to post GIFs

Yes, it's happening! . Facebook will finally be letting its users to post GIFs. Till today, it was not possible for Facebook users to...

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