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Samsung Galaxy Nexus

No, its not Oct 11 for Samsung Galaxy Nexus [UPDATED]

The much hyped Samsung Unpacked 2011 event on the 11th of October in San Diego wont be after-all. This comes due to the postponement by Samsung...
Google Nexus Prime

Google Nexus Prime leak gets sweeter with video

Google Nexus Prime or Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been on the leak for two days consecutively, started with the BGR specs leak after the...
Samsung galaxy Nexus

Google nexus prime specs confirmed!

After the leak by BGR of Samsung Galaxy Nexus specs, soon to be released on 11th October, Samfirmware says they have the true specs...
Android ice cream

Android Icecream Sandwich pics leaked

You can now have a rough idea what the much awaited Android Icecream sandwitch OS. Just a day after the huge leak of an...