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WhatsApp Rolls Out Feature to Control Who Adds You to Groups on Android

WhatsApp has finally rolled out the group privacy feature that was being tested earlier this year on Android
whatsapp rolls out group privacy settings

WhatsApp Rolling Out Tools To Control Who Adds You to a Group

One of WhatsApp's most used features is letting you form or join groups which can have as many as 256 members. However, there has...

WhatsApp Will Finally Let You Reject Group Invitations

One of WhatsApp's most popular feature is Groups and there as many groups are there people on the platform. However, there is an annoying problem about...

Facebook Adds 5 New Tools For Admins To Manage Their Groups

This will make running groups much easier on Facebook

Snapchat Introduces Group Chats That Have Way Fewer Participants

Snapchat introduces Groups that have a participant limit which is lower than normal

Telegram Counters WhatsApp’s Group Size Limits in new update

Messaging apps initially were based on the need for individuals to chat with each other and over time it necessitated the need for people...
Who has seen your post groups

Facebook extends “who’s seen this” to groups

If you use Facebook you might have noticed that there was a feature introduced some time ago that allowed you to tell whether someone...