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Widgets not important to most Android users – HTC

HTC went the way of Windows phone 8 with their app Blinkfeed that provides updates from social networks and news. This is how the...
Samsung, Apple

Samsung smartphone sales poised to spike in 2013

Samsung must have very happy shareholders with all these good predictions by research firms and good acceptance in the market. Almost everything seems to...
Samsung vs Apple

Samsung’s J.K Shin: settling with Apple not on our minds

Apple and HTC settled on a licensing deal after HTC sought a Patent settlement with Apple recently. HTC's settlement could see them paying a...

Is the HTC Nexus 5 on the way?

You might as well for the time being scratch the story that we posted earlier about the LG Nexus 4 that was rumored to...

HTC to stay away from low-end devices, says CEO Peter Chou

HTC wants to stay focused on mid-to high end devices and stay away from the low end devices, said HTC CEO Peter Chou in...

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