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Facebook kills flash

Facebook is the latest platform to hammer the nail on Adobe Flash’s coffin

This has been the year of the slow death of Adobe Flash and it was once the most widely used standard for displaying video...

Twitch is Slowly Ditching Flash in Favour of HTML5

Twitch, a live-streaming platform dedicated to gaming, is the latest company that has started the process of migrating to HTML5. They announced that...

Defend the Open Web: Keep DRM Out of W3C Standards

There's a new front in the battle against digital rights management (DRM) technologies. These technologies, which supposedly exist to enforce copyright, have never done...
Nokia Here

Nokia acquires reality capture company Earthmine for HERE 3D capabilities

Nokia announced HERE, a location cloud for maps and locations delivery across multiple platforms and operating systems. A week later, HERE was made available...

Occupy HTML Movement pleading to its users

This could be the Web uprising that may define the future web standards. After the creation of the Occupy Flash, here come ups the...

Adobe Flash development on smartphone abandoned!

Spat between Late Steve Jobs and Adobe Flash is well-known among the tech-circle, surprisingly Adobe has dropped down their weapons and announced not to...