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In 2010, Apple revolutionized the tablet game with the launch of the iPad. This was followed by the launch similar products on other platforms, and while they were not a great as Apple’s product, they somewhat managed to offer an alternative for those who needed them. On Android’s ecosystem, manufacturers such as Huawei and Samsung flooded the market with cheap but functional tablets to mixed reactions. For instance, developers did not update their apps to fit on larger displays. Save for a couple of tools like Twitter that was optimized for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tab 2014, most popular apps were just stretched on tablet displays. It should also be noted that Samsung managed to export its Note line features to the tablets. It still continues to offer the same features on its sporadic tablet releases. Huawei seems to believe there is a market for tablets in an ever-decreasing segment thanks to the mentioned limitations and the success of large phones. Earlier this evening at MWC 2018, the Chinese manufacturer launched three high end tablets. Dubbed Huawei MediaPad M5, the devices come in two screen sizes: 8.4-inches and 10.8-inches, and a third brother, MediaPad M5 Pro at 10.8-inches. Save for battery size, this new family of tablets has IPS 2560 by 1600 px screens with 2.5D glass, metal backs, 8/13MP camera combo, 4GB and 32/64/128GB memory configuration, microSD card slots and Android 8.0 Oreo on top of EMUI 8.0. However, they use a slightly dated but capable chip, the Kirin 960 that powers the P10. The tablets can also be hooked to portable keyboards for a 2-1 experience. The Pro version is equipped with a stylus that Huawei uncreatively calls M-Pen. The pen has a button for custom actions like launching specific apps, note taking and so forth. Lastly, the handhelds have Wi-Fi and LTE versions, with a price range of Euro 349 to Euro 599 (or KES 39,000 to KES 67,000).

Huawei Launches a Bunch of High-Powered Tablets at MWC with Stylus Capabilities for the Pro Variant

In 2010, Apple revolutionized the tablet game with the launch of the iPad. This was followed by the announcement of similar products on other...