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Government Wants To Compel NHIF Members To Own Huduma Namba Cards For Identification

The Huduma Bill was proposed in 2019. The bill, which we have covered here widely, proposes the issuance of Huduma Namba to Kenyans. It was published...
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Huduma Cards Are Finally Here, But for Nairobi Residents Only

The Huduma Namba registration exercise was carried out about two years ago. Those who registered for the document did not receive it after several months,...

State Publishes Huduma Namba Act in Kenya Gazette

Huduma Regulations have been published in the Kenya Gazette. The regulations are under The Registration of Persons (National Integrated Identity Management System) Rules, 2020, which...

Kenya High Court Okays Huduma Namba Registration, Limits Process to Those Willing

A few weeks ago, Kenyans bitterly opposed the then compulsory exercise involving Huduma Namba registration that was defended by the government as the best...

Kenya Senate Puts a Stop on Huduma Namba Registration Exercise

The hue and cry regarding the recently launched National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) registration exercise appears to have met its goals because as...

Why Kenyans Are Against Huduma Card and Huduma Namba Registration

Kenyans are particularly a bitter people today if the uproar on social media platforms is anything to go by. The primary cause of the...
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Cashless Payment Systems In Kenya and Their Curse of Failure (Part 1)

Just the other day, the government of Kenya launched the Huduma Card, a smart card that will allow Kenyans to pay for and access...