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Report Reveals the Best Selling Smartphone in 2019 Was an iPhone

Smartphone manufacturers ship millions of smartphones every year. Companies like Samsung, Apple, Huawei and others ship these phones around the world in their millions. However,...
iPhone XR

iPhone XS and XR Processors Will Start to Throttle With iOS 13.1

Smartphones have become increasingly more powerful over time and this puts a strain on batteries. Battery technology has not progressed as fast as chip...

Apple Has Some Not-So-New iPhones, Google Discontinues the Email App No One Used and EU Wants to Kill the...

On Wednesday last week, Apple introduced new iPhones - there was no huge announcements as this is the S year from Apple products -...
Apple Bite

Huawei Takes a Bite at Apple Over New iPhones’ Familiarity

As we await Samsung to throw the arrow at Apple with their Ingenius ads, Apple is already taking some heat from Huawei. It seems...