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Kenyans Parade Themselves on IMF Facebook Page Faulting Its Loans to Govt

Trust Kenyans to leverage the power of social media to give their two cents. This is something we have come accustomed to, and thanks...
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Google’s COVID-19 Mobility Report Reveals Kenyans Are Slowly Going Back to Work

COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed how we live our daily lives. Some of us are working from home, we now wear masks while going...

Netflix Users in Kenya Have Surged Over 700% in the Last 3 Years

Netflix was launched in Kenya in 2016 as part of the global expansion the streaming giant did in that year. It was their big...
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Google Data Shows Kenyans Have Stayed 17% More at Home Due to Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced Kenyans to stay more at home and this has been shown quite well from Google data. Kenya announced its first...

60% of Kenyans With Fixed Broadband Connections Have Less Than 10Mbps

Fixed broadband connections in the country have been increasing year on year in the country. In urban areas, it is not uncommon to see...

State Officials or Entities That Block Kenyans Risk 1 Million Fine and Jail Time

Social networking sites have inbuilt tools to manage interactions. Block and mute tools are standard and are used to limit interactions of people who...
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Kenyans Want to Know How to Cook Mandazi and Get Pregnant Based on Trending Searches

We know people usually search for the weirdest things on Google and it can be a good indication of the zeitgeist of the month....

Research Firm Finds 10% of Kenyans Over 50 own a Smartphone

Internet connectivity has sure changed how we live in the world and in Africa, we are not too far behind. We can communicate easier...

“How To Bleach Skin Professionally” Is One Of The Trending Searches Made By Kenyans In 2016

Google released the trending searches made by Kenyans in 2016 and it is quite interesting

Kenyans On Twitter Are Sharing Their Mute Lists And They Show A Pattern

Twitter expanded the functionality of the mute tool and Kenyans have used it to mute certain keywords from their timeline.
The President, Nairobi Senator and other politicians eating at a Kibanda

Kenyan Twitter Defines the Rules of Eating at a Kibanda

These are the "unwritten" rules (now written) when you are in a "kibanda"

How To Get Tall Is One Of The Trending Searches Made by Kenyans In August On Google

It is quite interesting to see what are the top trending searches made by Kenyans on Google

Here Are Some Of The Hilarious Tweets Posted By Kenyans About USIU

Twitter is usually quite wild when a topic becomes popular and today's trending topic is not new at all. Kenyans on Twitter today decided...

Here Are The Top Trending Searches Made By Kenyans in July

We are finally in August and this means last month's Google search results made by Kenyans are here. Some of them are expected thanks...

Here is a list of the top searches Kenyans made on Google in April

Google search results for a country are usually quite revealing and interesting at the same time and the company usually avails this data monthly....
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This Tumblr Account is a Call to Kenyans to Embrace their Flaws

People being ridiculed for their body flaws is something that happens both offline and online. Online is worse due to the fact that it...