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Following Market Exit, Here Are Some of LG’s Coolest and Bizarre Smartphones

If you were looking forward to any kind of mobile device from LG, you will have to look elsewhere as the company has now...

5 Former Flagship Smartphones That are Worth Your Money

Smartphones have a way of influencing what other people think about us and whether you know it or not they surely do say a...

LG V20 to Have Best-in-Class Audio Experience According to its Makers

The LG V20 is coming this September and LG can't get a grip.

Banter: LG Trolls Samsung Over its Smartphones’ Non-Removable Batteries

One of the most controversial decisions that Samsung made last year was doing away with removable batteries and expandable memory in its high-end smartphones....

LG to Ditch G Flex Smartphone Lineup?

LG may be too busy making some other awesome smartphones that it may no longer be seeing the need to sustain its G Flex...

LG Unveils First Series V Smartphone, V10

The LG V10 is no stranger to the internet. It has been rumoured for a while now and has leaked extensively prior to its...

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