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Beyoncé Broke An Instagram Record

Last night, Beyoncé decided to drop a surprise announcement on Instagram where she revealed that she was pregnant with twins. This is what she...

This is the Most Liked Photo on Instagram

  Instagram is a huge social network in its own right. It recently passed the 500 million monthly active user mark which makes it bigger...
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Instagram is testing a new change on likes

One of the visually core features of Instagram is the like button and since it is expressed in numbers, more likes seems like more...
How to replace Twitter's heart button with a star one

Here is how you can restore Twitter’s “Star” icon for your favourites

Yesterday, Twitter announced changes to its favourite button which was meant with a lot of criticism by users from around the world. The new changes...
Twitter replaces the star favourite button with a heart one

Say goodbye to the “star” favourite button, Twitter has replaced it with a heart button

Twitter has made quite dramatic changes to its user experience this year and today they have made another one by replacing the classic star...