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Music Streaming Service MixRadio Closing Shop After String of Financial Challenges

MixRadio, the once-popular music streaming service from Microsoft, will be no more in a few weeks. Japanese company LINE, also behind the popular messaging...
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Fancied Calling 200 People At The Same Time? This APP Lets You Do Just That

Ever missed 200 of your friends and decided to call all of them? I haven't and I am not sure I will but Japanese...

The Case for Telegram Messenger: Why Don’t We Use It?

Last time the folks behind Telegram released their figures, which was at least two weeks ago, they were impressive. 62 million monthly active users...

Pushbullet now works with Whatsapp, Telegram, Google Hangouts and others

Pushbullet is one of the most handy applications if you happen to use an Android or iOS device. It mirrors notifications from your mobile...