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MyRide Kenya App Review: A Little Refinement can go a long way

I came across this application accidentally as I was looking for another one. My curiosity and cooperative phone storage allowed me to download it...

The Ma3Route Conundrum: Part 2

I have to admit. It is much easier to write about problems than it is to actually provide a solution to the problem. Very...

The Ma3Route Conundrum: Part 1

  Co.nun.drum /kəˈnəndrəm/   noun    a confusing and difficult problem or question I love Ma3Route. I use it daily. Why then, do I imply that Ma3Route is a...
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Stuck in Nairobi Traffic? These 4 Tools Should Help you Outsmart it

A large number of us commute daily, to and from work and it is a nightmare each time, whether you drive, take a matatu...
Android Apps Kenya

5 Must Have Kenyan Android Applications

There literally thousands of android applications that pop out every month. Kenya is not left behind in this trend with local apps going on...