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Google maps traffic

Performance Artist Uses 99 Smartphones to Create Fake Traffic on Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the well known tools that Google offers to everyone for free. We use it for directons to a point...
twitter ivory burn visualization

Twitter visualized how the world tweeted about the Ivory Burn in Kenya

On April 30th, Kenya burned 105 tonnes of ivory which was the biggest ivory pile to be burned in history. There was a lot...
Google Traffic Alerts now in Kenya

Traffic alerts are now available to Kenyans on Google Maps

Google Maps is a really handy feature from the search giant that enables you to navigate to some place or just know wherever you...

Google to Add Dedicated Tab for Ride Sharing Services on Maps App

Google will soon start rolling out new versions of Google Maps, its maps, transit and navigation service, to users of its mobile apps on...

Google seems to be testing live traffic information for Nairobi in Maps

For any person who works and lives in a city, the traffic conditions on the road is of primary importance and it can mean...

Volunteering to Review Local Places on Google Maps Can Earn You 1TB Free Google Drive Storage

If you're one of those people who are scouting for a new home for their data now that Microsoft is reining in on those it...

Google Maps to offer offline search and navigation

It is currently possible to use Google Maps offline. Google allows you to save the map of a particular place. However, that's as much...

Android OS update: Google Apps

So Google managed to update several devices without issuing a point update, i.e. 4.3. Here we'll look at five Key apps they updated: Maps, Play...