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The Best Bluesky Apps for Android and iOS

Elon Musk's erratic leadership and haphazard decisions at Twitter since taking over in October last year have pushed users to find new alternatives. And...
Trunks Mastodon App

The Best Mastodon Apps for Android and iOS

Twitter is just getting worse each waking hour and is making the move to Mastodon so alluring. Elon Musk forced engineers to build a...

Twitter’s Co-founders Are Joining Its Biggest Rival

Twitter has gotten so bad since Elon Musk took over last year and this has driven its users to move to other rival platforms....

Switching to Mastodon From Twitter? Here’s Our Comprehensive Guide

Twitter has been a hellsite for a while now but it became way more chaotic when Elon Musk took over after buying it. Elon...

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