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productivity gaming

Does Gaming Help in Productivity?

Even though the capitalist system doesn’t approve of distractions like video games at work, more and more modern day companies actually provide video game...
Brothers in arms

5 Exciting Games to Play in 2015 on Your Mobile Device

2014 was a great year for mobile gamers, with extremely addictive titles such as Minecraft, The Walking Dead: Season 2, Clash of the Clans...
Free Apps

Most free mobile games are ditched in under 24 hours

Although the freemium model of mobile gaming has marked the future of the platform, app titles could find themselves struggling. According to a report...

Two African Tech Startups showcase their apps optimised with Intel artichecture at Mobile World Congress

Two African tech start-ups, Momentum Core and Leti Arts, will this year showcase their apps optimized for Intel Architecture at Mobile World Congress 2014...
angry birds

Angry birds, i didnt do games before…but!

There is a craze thats in, absorbed me in it...and thats Angry birds. This game is proving to be one of the successful games...