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Fastacash – Tapping Into Social Media For Cash Remittances To Kenya Using Whatsapp, Facebook And Twitter

fastacash™, an innovative, new online, social money transfer service focusing on the UK–Kenya corridor has launched in the UK market. The online service, accessible...
nationhela card

NationHela Card, Pros and cons

Just like any service or product out there, you will always get the good or bad things about each. NationHela Card is one such product. Basically,...
NationHela prepay card

Travelling with the NationHela Card

Here in Kenya we have the culture of using cash for most transactions. This is not a sin, others have been here before systems...

NationHela international money transfer product launched in Kenya

NationHela is the newest baby from Nation Media group. And it's not a new way of transmitting news to you, but a channel for...
yuCash activation

Yu lauds Govt move to introduce shared mobile money transfer system

yuCash has welcomed the recent recommendation by a Government taskforce calling on mobile service providers to develop a common system for facilitating mobile money transfers acrossnetworks. A task force...