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Facebook Change to The News Feed is a Blow to Publishers

Facebook has been a place for people to catch up with their friends, celebrity posts and news from several publishers. These are presented algorithmically...

Facebook’s NewsFeed Tweak Will Punish Fake News And Clickbait

Facebook's NewsFeed gets tweaks from time to time from the company where they inject updated algorithms that change how items are ranked. Although the NewsFeed...

Facebook Wants You To Keep Up With The Rio Olympics on Its Platform

The Olympics are one of those sporting events that are watched all over the world and solely by the size of the audience, social...

Facebook Explains the Principles that Guide How the News Feed Works

The News Feed is quite central to the Facebook experience and their biggest asset since that is where its 1.65 billion active users interact...

Facebook tweaks the News Feed to factor in the time you spend on articles

The Facebook News Feed is the central place at which the over 1.6 billion people in the social network interact with content or post...

Facebook has updated News Feed again to make it more personal

If you are observant, you may have noticed that Facebook's News Feed is not the same one as the one in 2009 for example....

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