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facebook will deprioritize spammers in newsfeed

Facebook Will Hide Those People Who Post Too Much On Your NewsFeed

Facebook doesn't want its network being a haven for spammers

Facebook Will Demote Links To Crappy Web Page Experiences On The News Feed

We tend to get a lot of news on Facebook. Publishers have been leveraging on the site's huge user base of close to 2...

LinkedIn Will Get A Visual Overhaul And New Features Like Bots

LinkedIn is adding features we have seen on other social networks and a visual overhaul which is the first major move after being acquired by Microsoft

Facebook is testing a new way of posting on the NewsFeed

We have had the ability to set the audience for our posts on Facebook for a while now where you can set it to...

Facebook is now testing a topic sorted Newsfeed for desktop

  One of Facebook's core products is the News Feed and it is usually given priority since it is usually the thing its vast audience...
Facebok new newsfeed

Facebook’s revamped Newsfeed and Live Video have been rolled out to Beta Android users

Traditionally, the Facebook NewsFeed has been a timeline where you see content from Pages that you engage it and posts from your friends. If...

Facebook is reportedly developing a stand alone camera app

In the beginning, Facebook was way simpler than it is right now where it was focused in making sure that people generate content and...

Your Facebook NewsFeed might look like Twitter in the future

Facebook knows the social media landscape is very dynamic and it is paramount to keep people locked to your network. That is why they...

New Facebook Update Allows Users to Design Their Newsfeed

The Newsfeed is where Facebook users view stories from the people they friended or pages they liked and complex Facebook algorithms place updates on...