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Android notifications

How to View Your Notification History on Android

How to view your notification history on Android - This tip is for those who mistakenly swipe away a notification in your phone’s notification drawer.

Flashy Notification Lights Need to Make a Comeback

We live in a world fueled by notifications, or annoyed by them rather. Our smartphones are the most important gadgets in our lives and...

Twitter for Android Beta Gets The Quality Filter Option

The notification tab is one of the core sections of the Twitter app since it is the one place you get to see replies...
Instagram for Web

Instagram for Web has been updated with a feature from the mobile app

Modern social apps are usually mobile first thanks to the increased use of smartphones and the decade versions are only given a handful of...

Facebook announces a dedicated app for notifications, for iPhone users only

Notifications are an inseparable part of  smartphones and mobile apps where they are delivered as push notifications, badge count or within the app. The...
Who has seen your post groups

Facebook extends “who’s seen this” to groups

If you use Facebook you might have noticed that there was a feature introduced some time ago that allowed you to tell whether someone...