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Office for Android Tablet Preview

Microsoft Releases Office For Android Tablet Preview, Updates Office for iPad, iPhone

In the quest to remain the king of productivity, Microsoft expanded the reach that their quite popular software Microsoft Office. They announced Office for...
MS Office iPad

Microsoft Breaks Tradition with Office for the iPad

In his first keynote as Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella clearly articulated that Microsoft is on path to ensure that its Services that “empower people...

Office comes to the iPad, requires a subscription for actual work to be done

It has come to pass. Though it was always coming, the unveiling of Microsoft's Office suite to the Apple iPad represents a significant shift...

Microsoft likely to launch Office for iPad on 27th March

If there's something that has always piqued my interest in Windows 8 tablets then it is Microsoft's Office Suite. While there are very many...

Office for iPad coming soon – Microsoft

In June this year Microsoft released Office for iPhone users. The following month, July, Microsoft released Office for Android too. While Office on both...

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