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Dukalangu.co.ke Linking Fashion Designers with Customers Online

Dukalangu.co.ke is the new online shop in town. The internet start up, based here in Nairobi, aims to reach local fashion designers to sell...

E-commerce Site Alibaba Rakes in Big Cash on Chinese 11.11 Shopping Festival

On November 11th, e-commerce platform, Alibaba holds a shopping festival for 24 hours. Dubbed the 11.11, the shopping fest has already brought in RMB19.1...

Ecommerce in Kenya, lets go oldschool

What drives sales in a website if i may ask? Selling online in Kenya seems the hottest thing that every Tom, Dick and Harry...
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What you fail to do when starting an online business.

The internet presence and uptake is on an all-time high, and getting better with the implementation of fiber optic cable all over the world....